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British Gypsum Homeowner - Create a Showcase with Magnetic Walls

Create a showcase

Magnetic Wall – create a picture gallery

Use Magnets to create an interactive picture gallery

British Gypsum Homeowner - Create a Picture Gallery with Magnetic WallsAs our families grow, so does our need to show all the great memories we have captured along the way. With Magnetic Plaster placing images is a fun, and easy solution to displaying your photos on your walls. 

Using magnets or magnetic strips on the back of your photos you can place them anywhere on your Magnetic Wall changing them around with ease any time you want without the fear of revealing holes in your wall. Another benefit to Magnetic plaster is that you can still decorate your space with any paint or wallpaper and experience the wonderful magnetic properties.

Magnetic Wall

Help bring your rooms to life by adding a Magnetic Wall. Turn any wall into an inspiring  gallery or noticeboard that's fully changeable.

Magnetic Wall