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British Gypsum Homeowner - Easy to put up Shelves with Gyproc Habito

Decorate children’s rooms with ease

Easy to put up shelves

No need for specialist fixings or wall plugs.

British Gypsum Homeowners - Decorate Rooms with Ease with Gyproc HabitoWith Gyproc Habito putting up shelves becomes easy. Gone are the days of specialist screws and wall plugs, drilling holes multiple times and all the frustrations that go with trying to fix items to your wall. Once you have Lifestyle Wall installed all you need is some screws, a screw driver and the shelf you want to put up. 

Gyproc Habito

Significantly enhance your living spaces with Gyproc Habito. It's stronger, more durable and more user-friendly.

Gyproc Habito