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British Gypsum Homeowner - Strong Durable Walls with Gyproc Habito

Strong durable walls with Gyproc Habito

Ideal for heavy traffic areas

Ideal for hallways Withstands everyday knocks and bangs

British Gypsum Homeowner - Strong Plasterboard with Gyproc HabitoGyproc Habito strengthens your walls to withstand most knocks and blows you throw its way. Great for hallways, garages and even play rooms where you are more likely to be moving heavy items around and run the risk of damaging your walls, and often having this repaired does not come cheap. Gyproc Habito greatly improves the integrity of your wall, reducing the need for repairs. 

Gyproc Habito

Significantly enhance your living spaces with Gyproc Habito. It's stronger, more durable and more user-friendly.

Gyproc Habito