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British Gypsum Homeowner - No Need for Nails with Magnetic Plaster

No need for nails

Create a hallway gallery

Rearrange as often as you want, no mess, no fuss

British Gypsum Homeowner - Create an Interactive Stairway Wall with Thistle Magnetic PlasterExperience the versatility of Magnetic Plaster by creating and shaping your own photo galleries to suit your space. By using magnetic strips on the back of photo frames you can continually move around your photos to create new quirky layouts. No need to create more holes in your walls, stick to the same picture layout, risk damaging your wall or even having to redecorate your space.

Magnetic Wall

Help bring your rooms to life by adding a Magnetic Wall. Turn any wall into an inspiring  gallery or noticeboard that's fully changeable.

Magnetic Wall