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Date: 02 May 2016

Sunday Times - Renovating a Victorian terrace

Transforming a family home into an interactive space that works for everybody

Not all extensions are designed to create huge amounts of extra space. In the case of the Ranelagh home of Dr Angela O’Brien and Stephen Stewart, an addition of just nine square metres, and some magic tricks concealed in the walls, made all the difference. 

For a family with three young children - Thomas, 10, Harry, 9, and Anna, 7 - outdoor space was important, and while their existing layout wasn’t working, there was no way they were going to allow the house to gobble up the garden. “They wanted to keep as much of the rear garden and play area as possible,” says David Leyden of Leyden Hassett Associates, the architects behind the project. “Beyond that the broader brief was to produce a classic schedule of accommodation - kitchen, dining, living room and an additional sitting room: the expectations you’d have of any modern home." 

Leyden Hassett Associates

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