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Diary of a renovation

Well, after six weeks we have had the planning approved

Date: 19 October 2015

It was a fairly easy process to get the approval pushed through with the council. We did have to respond to a couple of issues regarding the extension though. These were: 

  1. The build couldn’t be more than a certain percentage of the original property 
  2. Wildlife in the area e.g. birds and bats had to be considered The planning officer has also attached a list of conditions to the project and we have to complete it within five years – apart from that it is all systems go! 

Renovating a home

So far, we have spoken to four builders and are just awaiting the final quotes to come through. Two of them were recommendations from friends, one of them approached us after seeing we had applied for planning permission, and the final builder completed the original single floor extension on the house in the 1990s. 

All have visited us at home and a couple of them have suggested innovative solutions to some of the issues that we face due to the age of the building and differing ceiling heights. It will be interesting to see how these will affect costs. 

A structural engineer has also been around and completed the steel calculations to help the builders to complete an informed quote. 

We are hoping to start the build within the next month with it completed in time for Christmas, there’s nothing like being ambitious!

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