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Date: 28 April 2016

Diary of a renovation April 2016

The builder’s have left the building!

In the past month things have flown by, and the build has gone from this:

Diary of a renovation     Diary of a renovation    Diary of a renovation

To this:

Diary of a renovation    Diary of a renovation

As far as the building work is concerned – that’s it! The chippies, sparkies and plumbers have all been on site and installed new radiators, doors, lighting and more, but finally we have our home back.

The building work was a lot less hassle than we thought it would be and the impact on our lives was minimal. What I would say to anyone embarking on something similar is make sure you have a project manager. Without ours it would never have run so smoothly. He made sure each member of his team was on site when they needed to be and called them back to finish off the small snags.

There is still A LOT to do as pretty much the entire upstairs needs decorating and re-carpeting. Next month, the big painting and papering project begins….and there’s bound to be at least one trip to IKEA!

Diary of a renovation

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