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Date: 04 January 2016

Diary of a renovation January 2016

Let the renovation project begin

The builders start in the next few weeks so 2016 is the year of the big build. After living in our home for the past three years (and putting up with some very questionable décor – see images below), within a few months we will have the home of our dreams.

But before everything starts, here are a few ‘before’ images to explain the build.

  1. Downstairs

The second storey extension is above the current kitchen. The plan is to raise the ceiling in the kitchen and install a glass lantern to bring more light into the room.


The cupboard under the stairs will be removed and this will be transformed into a mini study area, complete with ThistlePro Magnetic.


  1. Upstairs

The bathroom will be ripped out (this is the worst room in the house at present) and will be doubled in size


The child’s room below will become an ensuite bathroom with a door leading into it from the master bedroom (where the plaster currently is) and a whole new bedroom will be added.

Bedroom Living room

Finally, the spare bedroom (affectionately named ‘the junk room’) and the hall will be completely redecorated.

 Hallway Bedroom

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