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Date: 27 May 2016

Diary of a renovation - May update

Just when it was going so well

Even though the building project is now complete, we’ve had our first major issues and had to call the guys back.

Firstly, our boiler has packed in. Even someone who isn’t an expert can see that it can’t be saved! 

Renovation project

Secondly, the plumber hadn’t tightened up the fittings around the pipes in the new bathroom enough and water started to come through the kitchen ceiling. He has since returned and now we have two holes in our newly plastered walls. It’s a bit frustrating, but thank goodness we hadn’t started to decorate!

Renovation project

So all in all, not the best month, but luckily we had a contingency budget so a new boiler is on the way.

Then we can start the exciting stuff – choosing paints and decorating the rooms!

Renovation project

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