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DIY Ninja!

DIY Ninja!

Martial arts grading of home improvement skills revealed by British Gypsum

Date: 14 September 2015

To celebrate the launch of Gyproc Habito, we’ve released the findings of our survey looking into the DIY skills of UK homeowners and have compiled a “martial arts” grading system to classify the levels of expertise.

From white belt to black belt through to ‘ninja’, there are six distinct categories, with most Brits being classified as a ‘blue belt’.

DIY Rankings

  • White belt: A complete novice - every DIY task this person has attempted so far has failed. 9.95%
  • Yellow belt: Can carry out tasks where the risk of failure is minimal, such as changing a lightbulb, hanging a picture, replacing the batteries in a remote or replacing a broken fuse. 16.80%
  • Blue belt: Can follow clear instructions and carry out tasks requiring a degree of patience, such as putting together flat-pack furniture and putting up shelves. 44.90%
  • Brown belt: A little skill is required to reach this level. Shouldn’t be afraid of using a power tool or being required to think outside of the box. Can lay a patio or hang a TV on a wall. 21.30%
  • Black belt: This person knows almost everything there is to know. They can do tasks such build internal walls and plumbing to name just a couple. 5.60%
  • Ninja: This master of the DIY discipline can build a home extension and fancies themselves as a future participant on a renovation program. 1.45%

We also looked at the DIY disasters people had, with one in ten admitting they had got it wrong. Mishaps included:

  • Spilling paint on a cat.
  • Forgetting to mix cement with sand when repairing a wall - the cement was washed away the next time it rained.
  • Melting a front door with an iron.
  • Shelves not being fitted properly and coming away from the wall, along with half of the plasterboard - hid the damage with a mirror!
  • Screwing a nail through water pipes or electric cables

Gyproc Habito is a plasterboard which has been designed to be stronger, more durable and more user-friendly than standard plasterboard walls. Its super strength means fixtures and fittings can simply be screwed straight into the wall wherever the homeowner chooses. In fact, a single no. 10 woodscrew can support 15kg of weight! Hopefully products like these will help more Brits to make it to DIY ninja status!

Tools of the DIY ninja trade

Gyproc Habito

Significantly enhance your living spaces with Gyproc Habito. It's stronger, more durable and more user-friendly.

Gyproc Habito