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Date: 29 January 2016

Domestic Ding Dongs- noise is to blame for family rows

At British Gypsum, we’ve carried out research to find out the main causes of rows in the home and noise is one of the top reasons for family arguments.

Earlier this year, we surveyed 2000 people to find out which noises drive them crazy. Mobile phones beeping, the TV being too loud and slamming doors were cited as the most irritating along with kids shouting indoors, primary school children practising their musical instruments and teenagers playing music loudly. 

This illustrates some of the other key findings.

Rooms Made for You

We have developed a number of sound solutions which many chaotic families could consider to ensure the whole family isn't disturbed by the trivial ups and down of domestic life. To find out which products can help you click here 

Sound Solutions

Our Sound Solutions can help bring harmony back to your home. Our solutions deliver substantially enhanced levels of sound insulation enabling different members of the family to turn it up loud or enjoy a quiet night’s sleep without compromise.

Sound Solutions