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Date: 02 February 2017

Inspirational home renovation with British Gypsum

Find out how one couple have created their dream home with Gyproc Habito plasterboard

When homeowners Thomas and Erika bought a 1930’s property in Oxford, they knew they had found their perfect family home. The couple planned to adapt the house for their growing family, but after they started doing simple renovations they found a serious problem that needed to be addressed.

Erika said: “We started removing the wallpaper throughout the house and discovered that the plaster underneath was old and crumbling. It needed to be taken off.” 

Home renovation with super strong Gyproc Habito plasterboard

After careful research into various products, the couple decided to use Gyproc Habito and are already feeling the benefits of having it throughout their home.

Thomas continues: “My experience with normal plasterboard in previous properties drove me a little insane, with things falling off the wall and the smallest mistake being really obvious. Moving furniture into a house can quickly cause damage to the walls but we didn’t have that experience here, which was brilliant. Of course we have knocked the walls a few times – it happens to everyone at some point. With normal plasterboard you might drop something against the wall and it makes a hole creating a big problem which you then have to cover up, but with Gyproc Habito this just doesn’t happen. 

Home renovation with super strong Gyproc Habito plasterboard

The couple are pleased they made the decision to use Gyproc Habito to creative a flexible home that can grow with them. Five times stronger than the standard plasterboard, Gyproc Habito will ultimately allow the couple to get more out of their living space by enabling them to attach heavy fixtures up to 15kg to the walls easily without the use of any specialist fittings.

Erica adds: “When we want to hang things on the wall, whether it be paintings, mirrors or even just a curtain rail, we are able to do it quickly, easily and most importantly – with just a screwdriver!”

Gyproc Habito

Significantly enhance your living spaces with Gyproc Habito. It's stronger, more durable and more user-friendly.

Gyproc Habito