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Date: 29 March 2016

Interior design Bloggers get creative with Magnetic Plaster

Challenging 5 bloggers to redesign their rooms with ThistlePro Magnetic

Five well known interior design bloggers: Little house on the corner; Wild and Grizzly; Making Spaces; A residence and Geoffrey and Grace have been challenged to redesign rooms using British Gypsum’s ThistlePro Magnetic.

Over the next few months, they will be transforming bedrooms, offices, playrooms and even hallways with magnetic plaster!  Here’s an overview of their plans:


Little house on the corner

Where: Hallway

Why: We already have a memo board in the hallway where we display random bits and pieces, but it does tend to get messy and cluttered, so having a full Magnetic Wall where we can get creative is going to be amazing!

Overall look: The plan is to create a welcoming and calming entry. We’ll be sticking to soft neutral colours.


Thistle Magnetic Plaster in hallway 

Wild & Grizzly 

Where: Bedroom / Office 

Why: Using ThistlePro Magnetic in our bedroom makeover is so exciting in terms of the flexibility it will create in the space - think movable prints and office mood boards. 

Overall look: A mix of pale colours, cool features, prints, interesting wall lights, rubber plants, big mirrors and interesting magazine storage. 


Thistle magnetic plaster in bedroom 

Making Spaces 

Where: Client’s Playroom 

Why: It’s got so many uses; for display, work, playing and learning. A Magnetic Wall instantly gives any space a whole new lease of life. 

Overall look: The playroom overlooks the lovely sunny rear garden. To bring some of the outdoors in and in keeping with the theme of “Sherwood Forest”, there will be a rather cool organic, sprawling paint design going up on the walls and across the ceiling. 


Thistle magnetic plaster in playroom

A Residence 

Where: Home office 

Why: Working freelance has worked out brilliantly for me and now is a great time to invest in making my workspace a really creative one. 

Overall look: I have been looking at quite an industrial style, but also I want it to feel individual and to reflect me and my creativity, so it doesn’t end up looking too minimal or too Pinteresty! I’m confident my printer’s block, antique tins, old postcard collection and knick knacks will help with that. 


Thistle magnetic plaster in study 

Geoffrey and Grace 

Where: Home Office 

Why: In my current work space there are little piles of clutter everywhere! In fact I don’t think there is a single clear surface in the room. With a Magnetic Wall I will be able to use the wall to plan and schedule, and also keep me creatively motivated. 

Overall look: If possible, what I want from my work space is a minimal, functional room that also keeps me inspired. 


Thistle magnetic plaster in craft room 

To keep up-to-date on how the bloggers are getting on with their projects, make sure to visit their blogs and keep an eye on the British Gypsum Homeowner social pages.

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