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Moshi bedroom with magnetic wall, magnetic plaster

Magnetic Inspiration

5 ways to turn your magnetic wall into an eye catching feature

Date: 10 September 2015

Before ThistlePro Magnetic came along, a wall was simply a static structure that you could paint or decorate to make it more interesting. Once you install magnetic plaster, the opportunities are endless and any wall can be transformed into an interactive space.

We are often asked for tips on how to make the most of a magnetic wall so here are 5 ways you can create an eye-catching feature in your home with the product.

Create an interactive play wall in a child’s bedroom by putting up a decal and adding magnets to toys and posters. This one is inspired by Moshi Monsters.

Moshi monsters bedroom

Organise your home office by colour coding your to-do lists and using magnetic tins to store stationery such as paperclips and elastic bands

Colour coded office space

Paint over your plaster with blackboard paint and write inspirational quotes in chalk to liven up a dining room. Add a tape measure to track your child’s progress.

Magnetic black board wall

Attach magnets to the back of picture frames and build a changeable photo gallery - there’s no need to worry about lining them up or nailing them into the wall!

Picture frame hallway

Make homework fun with an educational wall using magnetic letters, or display your child’s artwork in pride of place

Magnetic Plaster

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Magnetic Wall

Help bring your rooms to life by adding a Magnetic Wall. Turn any wall into an inspiring  gallery or noticeboard that's fully changeable.

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