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Date: 12 July 2016

So you need a plasterer?
What should you do next?

Over the next few weeks we’ll give you advice on what you should do when you need a plasterer.

We start with finding a plasterer.

Finding a plasterer

First you need to establish what work is required so that you can explain it to your plasterer:

  • Patching or repairing damage to your walls
  • Re-plastering a wall prior to decoration
  • Plastering walls during a renovation, rebuilding or an extension to your home

Finding a plasterer  Finding a plasterer

Then you need to find a plasterer.

Recommendations are generally the best way to find a plasterer, as you will get an honest opinion from your family and friends. Alternatively there are various schemes that allow you to find a tradesman, including our Certified Plasterer Scheme.

Speak to the plasterer and establish if they can do the work. They should then come round to your property to see the work required in order to quote properly. You should tell them:

  • Any work that will be done beforehand e.g. electrical wiring (so the plasterer will know if he needs to do more work than he can see)
  • How you plan to decorate afterwards (in case it needs to be finished in a different way)
  • If the plasterer will need to remove any wallpaper or do any other work before they can start
  • When you want the work done

The plasterer will then submit a quotation to you (usually valid for 30 days).

If you are having any other work done, we would recommend that plastering is done before any new flooring is laid, but after electrics or plumbing have been completed.

Decide which plasterer you want to use, agree a start date and book them.

Next time, we’ll talk about, what to do to prepare for your plasterer.