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Date: 23 October 2017

Finding the right solution at the homebuilding & renovating show.

British Gypsum offers self build and renovation advice at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show.

Many of us dream of building our own home and for some that dream is becoming a reality, with self builds emerging as an increasingly popular option in Britain. Whilst there is a lot of information available online about embarking on a major renovation project, exhibitions remain a popular and crucial resource for many self builders, offering access to hundreds of experts face to face.

H B and R show stand

We recently visited the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in London, exhibiting a range of self build solutions to those in attendance. It was a pleasure to talk to so many people about their projects and the unique solutions we can offer them to greatly improve everyday living. Here’s what we got up to and the products we had on show:

Masterclass in Sound

A master class in sound

From noisy neighbours to kids playing when you’re trying to relax, noise transfer can seriously reduce the enjoyment of your home. On the first day of the show, our Residential Sector Manager, Sarah White delivered a ‘Sound Insulation Masterclass’ detailing design advice for a new build home, as well as how to improve sound issues in an existing home.

Sarah’s presentation was wide-ranging; it covered all aspects of sound solutions, from diagnosing a noise problem to how to best deal with one. Most importantly, the Masterclass helped visitors really understand the value of using a fabric first approach to design out noise problems at the early stages of a new build project, while also giving advice for improving sound insulation in existing homes. Whatever the noise challenge, British Gypsum has the right solution to tackle sound transfer problems within the home.

Certain Magnetism

HBR Show Magnetic Wall

One of the most intriguing elements of embarking on a self-build project is the ability to create bespoke features. That’s why we saw so much interest in our ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster, which can turn a regular wall into a fun, interactive space. The plaster attracts magnets and is ideal for children’s bedrooms, home offices and kitchens. What’s more, you can paint it with whiteboard paint and use it as a noticeboard or paint it with blackboard paint and use it as a chalkboard, you can even wallpaper over it. 

Walls that Work

Gyproc Habito h B and R show

Trends within room configuration are becoming progressively flexible, as we want our homes to evolve with us. For many people this means freeing up space and where possible mounting items to the wall. Homeowners are therefore faced with either finding studs or using specialist plasterboard fixings to fix heavy or bulky items to internal walls. That’s why we’ve developed Gyproc Habito plasterboard, the ultimate no fuss solution. 

Five times stronger than standard plasterboard, Gyproc Habito can support 15kg with a single no.10 woodscrew – something that many of our visitors had to see to believe. It’s a product that offers complete freedom to design a room exactly how you want it, as the strong surface of Gyproc Habito can support heavy items such as shelves, curtain poles, TVs, mirrors and cabinets, without the need for drills or specialist fixings. This allows homeowners to hang precious photographs, artwork and pictures around their new home, without worrying about damaging the walls.