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Gyproc Habito

On the shelf

There are plenty of ways to save space with storage, but what about getting creative when it comes to shelving.

Date: 14 October 2015

Gone are the days when homeowners are happy just popping to a shop and buying a standard white wooden shelf, now we are being far more adventurous by transforming everyday items into stunning shelves.

And with Gyproc Habito, you can hang heavier items with less hassle so there’s much more flexibility when it comes to materials.

1. Get creative with crates! 

Crates as shelves with Lifestyle Wall

2. Give a whole new meaning to the word ‘book shelf’ 

Books as a shelf with Lifestyle Wall

3. Upcycle old suitcases for a vintage look 

Suitcase shelving with Lifestyle Wall

 4. For an industrial theme, use iron plumber's pipes as shelf support 

Pipe shelving with Lifestyle Wall

5. Perfect for a teenage – skater shelves! are plenty of ‘how to’ guides online so there’s no excuse for boring storage anymore!

Skateboard shelf with Lifestyle Wall

Gyproc Habito

Gyproc Habito is stronger, more durable and more user-friendly than standard plasterboard walls, significantly enhancing your living spaces

Gyproc Habito