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Date: 02 June 2016

Interior design bloggers get creative with ThistlePro Magnetic - Part 2

Our five interior design bloggers have been working hard on their room transformations – clearing the space, installing ThistlePro Magnetic, painting and decorating

With most redesigns we often focus on what the room looked like before and the end result, skipping the part in the middle. For this project we wanted our bloggers to share their entire experience. So what have they learnt about installing ThistlePro Magnetic?


Little house on the corner

Where: Hallway

Christine said: “The magnetic plaster is applied in a similar way as Thistle Multi Finish plaster (that you would normally use for skimming walls). The differences being the colour and that it has to go on slightly thicker (around 3mm) than normal plaster. Plastering is definitely a job that looks easier than it is and it’s amazing to watch a professional at work and see things come together so quickly.” 

Thistle Magnetic Plaster



Wild & Grizzly

Where: Bedroom / Office 

Lori said: “Rather than drying a typical powder pink this plaster goes on a dark grey colour and dries to a light grey, which is perfect for those of you who love the industrial look and are feeling a little lazy when it comes to painting.”


Making Spaces

Where: Client’s Playroom

Karen said: “Both the plasterer and I sat down and watched a short video on how to use this specialist plaster. It’s pretty much the same as normal plaster, with a couple of slight variations. So definitely worth checking out before you get started.”

Thistle Magnetic Plaster

A Residence

Where: Home office

Penny said: “Andy (my plasterer) suggested I leave it at least three days before painting and that the first coat should be 50:50 water and paint.”

Thistle Magnetic Plaster

Geoffrey and Grace

Where: Home Office

Melanie said: “I have tested it out (just with some fridge magnets) and it is indeed magnetic! I can’t wait to have a play with the magnetic wall properly. To me the creative possibilities that come from having an extra surface to utilise, is really exciting.”

Thistle Magnetic Plaster

To keep up-to-date on how the bloggers are getting on with their projects and see their room reveals, make sure to visit their blogs and keep an eye on the British Gypsum Homeowner social pages. 

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