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Date: 01 November 2016

Restore peace and quiet to your home with Sound Solutions

Top daily noise disturbances revealed!

With smartphones, TV on demand and everyday family life, it’s hard to get some peace and quiet in the home. We’ve carried out some research that has revealed the average British adult gets just 47 minutes of peace and quiet a day, and it’s no surprise that the home is no refuge from noise disturbances.

With six in 10 people saying they only time they get to enjoy complete silence is when they’re in bed, we’ve compiled our top suggestions to resolve noise issues in the home.

Noisy family?

Restore peace and quiet to your home with Sound Solutions

To reduce those irritating rackets that come up through the floors, from the kids’ computer games to the washing machine constantly churning away, Silent Floor- walking surface is ideal. It works by isolating the walking surface from the floor structure by adding mass to the walking surface meaning those slammed doors are a thing of the past!

Noisy Neighbours?

Restore peace and quiet to your home with Sound Solutions

It’s no surprise that pesky neighbours are also a big cause of concern for many of us. Our survey highlighted that their inability to do their gardening or DIY quietly ruins the peace for many. It’s been so bad for over a quarter of those polled that they have even been forced to move house!

But it’s a simple problem to solve with our Low Space Liner. Perfect for when you need soundproofing to stop conversation and TV noise from transferring between rooms, this system takes up hardly any room which is ideal for smaller spaces.

And for those extremely noisy neighbours, our High Performance Liner can be used – a peaceful life is guaranteed!

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