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Scandinavian design meets British interior engineering

Gyproc Habito chosen for its core strength

Date: 23 December 2015

House with Lifestyle Wall

Scandia-Hus, the largest designer and supplier of self-build Swedish energy-saving homes in the UK, prides itself on working with the best manufacturers in Britain. That’s why, when Scandia-Hus were looking for manufacturers to be involved in the build of its contemporary new show home, they came straight to British Gypsum.

Built with timber frames, the Adelia show home is based in Felcourt West Sussex. The house is designed to be a unique twist on the chalet style homes, commonly found in and around European ski-resorts.

The partnership began when the Scandia-Hus team met with British Gypsum to learn more about the Homeowner range. After discussing the various needs of the property, it was decided that Gyproc Habito would be ideal to feature throughout the entire property. 

Gyproc Habito was chosen as it can withstand repeated bumps and knocks due to its high durability. It has a reinforced core making it five times stronger than standard plasterboard. This means that a homeowner can attach heavy fixtures and fittings to a wall with a single screw supporting 15kg of weight. This level of performance is achieved by using 12.5mm Gyproc Habito, a new innovative board which provides enhanced levels of strength, durability and fixability. 

Lifestyle Wall

The ultimate aim of the show home was to provide inspiration to self-builders looking to create their own homes. With Gyproc Habito, stylists were able to hang oversized mirrors, clocks, curtain poles and light fixtures with the security that the walls could withstand the weight and there would be no lasting damage.

In addition to Gyproc Habito, the Adelia show home features British Gypsum’s ThistlePro Magnetic which is also part of the Homeowner range. Used in one of the bedrooms and the study, the magnetic plaster adds a practical and interactive element to the space. 


Lifestyle Wall

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