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Date: 01 February 2016

The ultimate industrial themed room with ThistlePro Magnetic

Household creates stunning look thanks to British Gypsum Homeowner range

Wide room shot with Magnetic Plaster

A bedroom is often the most personal room in the house, it’s where you sleep, dream and snuggle. Therefore the importance of creating a space which reflects a person’s unique tastes shouldn’t be underestimated.

When homeowner Stephanie Lang won two bags of ThistlePro Magnetic and £500 to makeover a room in her house, she knew instantly that she would tackle her bedroom. She wanted to add her own stamp on the beige and boring space.

Stephanie adds: “The master bedroom in our 1930s terrace house was a blank canvas with white walls, a beige carpet and pretty standard furniture – it was actually a bit dull. I was inspired to design an industrial room with a retro feel, whilst having a go at upcycling to create unique pieces of furniture that complemented the scheme.”

The work to transform the bedroom began by plastering one of the walls with ThistlePro Magnetic to create a magnetic wall. Stephanie painted over this with white paint and then she used a sponge to smear grey over the top giving it a layered texture. This resulted in a feature wall with a concrete look. The rest of the room was painted white to really create standout.

Painted magnetic wall with stapling effect

Instead of buying new furniture, to make the budget stretch Stephanie upcycled the chest of drawers she already had, putting her own spin on it. Stephanie adds: “I applied a grey wood paint to the drawers only and then a coat of white paint to the main unit and then to the drawers themselves. I created the chevron effect using frog tape to mark out the pattern and then painted over the drawers. To finish off, I added a coat of varnish. I love the end result!”

Painted draw Finished chest of drawers painted

Stephanie also made an industrial open piped wardrobe by upcycling a clothing rack and painted shelves. She even upcycled accessories including a crate magazine rack and a lamp made from a bottle.

Wardrobe made from piping

To add a pop of colour, the fireplace was filled with flowers, which also leant a touch of femininity to the room, and used bright framed artwork attached with magnetic strips to the wall. Stephanie then looked at how she could incorporate her much loved Polaroid photos into the design. She adds: “I love taking pictures and have a number of snaps which capture really important moments in my life and make me smile. I decided to add these by attaching magnets to bulldog clips, popping them on the wall and the attaching my favourite Polaroid pictures. As soon as I take more photos I can add extra clips or change the images already in-situ. The flexible design the magnetic wall has given me is brilliant.”

Frame hung on a Magnetic wall Magnetic wall with photos using bulldog clips

Stephanie loves the new and improved bedroom and couldn’t believe how far her budget stretched: “People often think redesigning a whole room is costly and takes a lot of time – we have proved it really doesn’t by getting a brand new look for £500. The great thing about the bedroom is that with the magnetic plaster it has become a creative environment and I can switch items on the wall with no hassle and can continually add to my photo wall with memories I’m yet to make.” Stephanie was one of five winners of the British Gypsum Homeowner Creative Collaborator competition on Facebook. Each of the winners received a £500 voucher and two bags of ThistlePro Magnetic to makeover an unloved room in their home. The other winners created designs including a pastel themed living room, a family tree playing space and a vintage chic bedroom, reflecting how easy it is to incorporate ThistlePro Magnetic into any design.

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