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Date: 29 April 2016

To clutter or not clutter

That is the question

As it comes towards the end of #NationalDecoratingMonth you’ll either be looking back at your newly decorated bedroom/ kitchen/ lounge and think good job! Or you’ll be doing your best to avoid your bedroom/ kitchen/ lounge as another month goes by and your home is left cluttered and neglected. 

We’ve been taught over the years that spaces should be kept bright and airy with minimal clutter however, this #NationalDecoratingMonth we’ve asked the question, is clutter really so bad?

Simple layouts, cool colour schemes and clutter free spaces can make rooms feel relaxing and restful. However, if your prized possessions are books and holiday souvenirs, then these are the objects that are more likely to make you feel relaxed and at home.

So if you do choose to clutter, here are our top tips:

  1. Get the colour right
  2. If you like clutter, it’s more than likely you’ll love colour too! But don’t go overboard, stick to one or two colours for a room. White with a grey feature wall makes the perfect backdrop for your collection.

    De clutter our living space

  3. Be strategic
  4. You want the room to have an effortlessly cluttered feel this can be achieved by strategically placing and grouping items together. 

    De clutter our living space

  5. Install shelves
  6. Using wall space to display your clutter will create that homely feel without taking up floor space. Gyproc Habito plasterboard from British Gypsum allows you to fix up to 15kg directly to your wall using only a standard woodscrew, so installing shelves for your prize possessions won’t be a problem. 

    De clutter our living space

  7. Be confident with your clutter

It may not be perfect or pristine, but it’s definitely personal. It may look different to your friends and families homes but that’s a good thing. Plus when you see your guests peaking at your possessions you’ll know they’re intrigued and feel at home. 

De clutter our living space

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