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Date: 23 November 2017

Making an entrance: 8 ways a Magnetic Wall will transform your hall

8 ways ThistlePro Magnetic will transform your hall

After your front door, your hallway is the first thing you see when you return home, and it’s the first glimpse of your home you present to your guests. But too often, halls are relegated to becoming thoroughfares, where coats and shoes are dumped. The hallway sets the tone of the house and deserves to be considered as a space in its own right.

It used to be that a wall was simply a static structure that you could paint or decorate to make it more interesting. However, thanks to ThistlePro Magnetic – which can be easily installed over a new wall surface, or retrofitted over an existing wall – your hallway can be transformed into an interactive space, meaning the decorating opportunities are literally endless. And you can change what’s on it as often as you like, without the need for nails or drilling the wall.

Transform your hall into an interactive space with Thistle Magnetic Plaster

Here’s eight ways ThistlePro Magnetic can turn a wall in your hallway into an interactive Magnetic Wall 

1. If you collect art hanging pictures in an entrance hall shows off your collection in a way you (and your guests) can enjoy. No need to plan out a gallery wall before you attach it – just ‘stick’ your art to the wall and move it around until you’re happy. Use magnetic tape with a sticky back, cut it to size, then simply stick it to the back of the frame. Then you can change your picture position as and when the mood takes you. 

Show off your collection of art or prints in an entrance hall

2. Don’t have space for a coat stand in the hallway, but fed up of coats cluttering up the house? A Magnetic Wall means you can attach coat hooks to the wall as and when you need them. 

A Magnetic Wall means you can attach coat hooks to the wall

3. Always losing your keys? A magnetic key holder in your hallway can save you precious minutes in the morning. 

A magnetic key holder in your hallway can be really useful

4. Add a layer of blackboard paint on top and you’ve a funky way to leave the rest of the family messages, the kids to create their own artwork – or just a reminder to make sure you’ve picked up your lunch!

5. Why not buy a selection of magnetic words and add an inspirational quote or favourite poem to your hallway? Words of wisdom not quite capturing the mood anymore? Just mix them up and start again. It’s sure to become a conversation piece when visitors call!

6. No room for a playroom? Let the hallway become an extension of the kids’ space by adding magnetic letters, frames for their artwork and even a magnetic track for them to race their cars from the front door to the kitchen. 

7. Why not invest in a set of magnetic photo frames and display your favourite family photos in the hallway? They’ll be the last thing you see when you leave the house, and the first thing you see when you return, helping you to keep loved ones fully front of mind. 

Why not invest in a set of magnetic photo frames and display your favourite photos in the hallway

8. Hate your narrow hall? Place mirrors along one wall to widen the space. A mirrored wall with a mounted wall light, coupled with a vibrant colour on the facing wall, adds richness and light as well as a sense of space. By using ThistlePro Magnetic you can change the display as often as you like.

Place mirrors along one wall in a hallway to widen the space

If you’re looking for a local plasterer to transform your existing wall into a Magnetic Wall click here.