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Patrick can now hang anything on his walls

New wall solution used throughout home renovations

Rigidur is an alternative technology to Gyproc Habito which delivers the same strength and robustness but in a board format which is ideally suited for factory built wall panels. Rigidur suits situations where the boards are fixed in a factory and transported to site. Rigidur was  used throughout the interior of a new self build to achieve the same performance offered by Gyproc Habito.

Lifestyle WallPatrick was one of the first people to live in a home featuring this new performance level throughout. Rigidur was used in all of the dry lining elements in the house. When Patrick was researching construction options for his self build project, the benefits of a home with a wall of Rigidur was brought to his attention by one of the builders he was talking to.

The builder invited Patrick to visit a build in progress for another client, where Rigidur had already been installed. The toughness and the ease of use from Patrick’s perspective was a key reason for choosing the builder and their timber frame construction methodology. Patrick said “Look, this is brilliant stuff, it’s so hard and you can screw into it and hang stuff”.

Lifestyle Wall
Comparing to other houses he had previously lived in, Patrick stated “It’s just so easy if you want to put a radiator up, or a TV, or you want to hang shelves or cupboards. Those cupboards there are just screwed straight onto the wall. You can’t do that with plasterboard……in the old house it would have been out with the masonry drill and the wall plugs, all that sort of stuff”.

Lifestyle Wall

Having moved into his bespoke property, Patrick really felt the benefit of having fixability and durability throughout the building as he worked to turn his new house into his new family home. All of the vital activities that usually cause so much trouble were quick and easy.

Lifestyle Wall

Talking through his experiences Patrick said “I’m just not afraid of hanging anything on the walls, loo roll holders, little shelves; straight into the wall. You can’t do that with normal plasterboard. Another easy thing is putting up skirting boards, just nail it straight in. It’s brilliant, it’s solid, it’s hard, with kids and things, bashing around and not taking the corners off or denting it…. It makes the house solid……if you go into a standard timber frame house, it feels tinny and echoey, slightly hollow…I think the board adds a huge amount to the solidity of the house, I have to say, I think its brilliant, I would never ever use standard plasterboard again”.

Patrick goes on to talk about that classic situation that has almost become a trial by ordeal when turning a house into a home; the hanging of the curtain rail. ‘I did all those, hanging the curtain rails, it was so easy, if you fix curtain rails into plasterboard, disaster, with opening and shutting all the time, they will come loose, won’t they? I just screwed them straight into the walls’. Patrick had just attempted to hang curtains for a friend of his who did not have Rigidur or Gyproc Habito installed, the story was very different; “it was plasterboard, I had to put up a curtain rail, it was a disaster, you know, it’s not solid….it’s up and it looks solid, but in a couple of years opening and closing the curtains, it will come loose”.

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Gyproc Habito is stronger, more durable and more user-friendly than standard plasterboard walls, significantly enhancing your living spaces

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