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Andy creates a family display in his home office

Converting a bedroom into a functional office space creating magnetic walls with ThistlePro Magnetic plaster

When we first developed ThistlePro Magnetic plaster Andy (a British Gypsum employee) made it very clear to the product development project team that he was keen to be guinea pig. He loved the idea and had the perfect project in progress. So we followed his progress and interviewed him when the job was completed. This is what he told us…

Magnetic wall in office space
Why did you decide to have magnetic plaster installed?

I work for British Gypsum and so I knew about the product as it was being developed. At the time I was redecorating our bedroom to convert it into a home office. I thought the product would give us a unique feature for one of the walls in the office. I liked the idea of being able to use the wall as a creative space for my work projects.

How did you find the process of having the product installed?

The plasterer who installed the product was very tidy and we were surprised by how quick it was to install and also by the lack of mess. We put down some sheets to protect the new flooring and any excess material was wiped off by the plasterer so there was no overspill onto to either the skirting or adjacent wall ceiling surfaces. We only waited for 48 hours then we painted the wall.

How have you used the wall for the past 6 months?

Initially I used the wall to help me when I was working from home. I used the wall for work projects using it to map out the big picture. However since then Charlotte has come along, so working from home is not as easy and the wall has become more of an art wall. As Charlotte is changing so much, I am always changing the photos I display, the ones on the wall currently are about three weeks old and there are already new photos waiting to go up. I also use the wall to capture memories such as holidays and my old fishing photos.

Magnetic wall in office space

Have you found any interesting magnetic accessories?

Yes, we have bought a range of magnetic stuff including magnetic adhesive tape strips which we have used to fix a picture frame to the wall. We did buy some magnets which were not very strong so you do have to ensure you buy decent magnets. We have had a lot of fun with magnetic scrabble letters writing messages to each other and those letters are now being used to fix photos to the wall.

You are currently selling the house is the magnetic wall a talking point?

Yes, one viewing in particular the guy was fascinated by the wall and wanted to know how it worked.

Magnetic wall in office space

Have your friends been interested in the wall?

Yes, one my friends had actually installed a magnetic wall in their home using magnetic paint but they were very disappointed with the strength of the finished wall and were very impressed by how strong this wall was.

When you move will you want a magnetic wall again?

Yes definitely, and in different spaces. I would really like to create a photo wall in one of the downstairs family areas. Also we only have a small wall area currently and we could use the wall a lot more if we had a larger wall space. Attaching picture frames to the wall also opens up new possibilities in terms of laying out the pictures and changing them without needing to damage the wall with a fixing.

Magnetic Wall

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