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Angela updates daughters bedroom

Bringing a Victorian semi-detached property into the 21st Century creating magnetic walls with ThistlePro Magnetic

Bringing a Victorian semi-detached property into the 21st Century, whilst retaining its character, is a tough task. One which architect, David Leyden, successfully tackled by integrating three of British Gypsum’s solutions into the home.

The house plays home to a family of five and as such it required a lot of modification.  However, the brief given by the Stewart family was very clear - they wanted more space to accommodate their family life, but did not want it at the sacrifice of the garden. Therefore, architect, David, was set a real challenge to ensure he could deliver additional living space without extending the property too much - that’s where the solutions range by British Gypsum came to the fore.

David Leyden, from Leyden Hassett and Associates, comments: “We were very aware that outdoor space was important to the family so we couldn’t eat into this too much.  Instead we looked at innovative ways to reconfigure the living area, create more space and enhance the function of the entire home. We achieved all of this and only extended the property by 7 sq m thanks to products in the range.” 

The final suggestion that David made to the family to help them get the most out of their new home was ThistlePro Magnetic

Magnetic Wall

Help bring your rooms to life by adding a Magnetic Wall. Turn any wall in any room into an inspiring interactive gallery or noticeboard that you can change as often as you like, no fuss, no mess.

Magnetic Wall