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Drapers inject new life into their kitchen

Bringing a new kitchen to life with magnetic walls in the kitchen using ThistlePro Magnetic

Ian Draper and his wife, Jan, were in the market for a new kitchen and visited In-toto Kitchens in West Bridgford, where they discovered they could get more out of their kitchen space thanks to ThistlePro Magnetic from British Gypsum. 

When discussing their options with the team at In-toto, Ian and Jan talked about various different wall surface options and it was at this point the team suggested ThistlePro Magnetic. With grandchildren visiting regularly, the couple were keen to explore any child friendly options and ThistlePro Magnetic certainly seemed to fit the bill. 

Thistle Magnetic Plaster in a kitchen

Ian explains: “The kitchen is the hub of the home in many ways and the place where we spend time with our granddaughter. So, we wanted to ensure that whatever we opted for, in terms of a kitchen, was suitable for the entire family and magnetic plaster certainly seemed like it would bring the kitchen to life.” 

The Draper family kitchen was installed in autumn 2014 and they chose to have ThistlePro Magnetic installed on three of the kitchen walls. However, Ian and Jan found the installation no different to that of a regular plaster. 

Ian adds: “As we were installing a new kitchen we expected a level of disruption, but we have to say that the plaster side of things was really straightforward. It was implemented in exactly the same way as a regular plaster. The only difference we noted between this and regular plaster is that magnetic plaster has a slightly darker appearance once applied.” 

Thistle Magnetic Plaster in a kitchen

With three magnetic walls, the Draper kitchen now serves as an interactive space, which the whole family can add to. Acting as a hub for letters, notices, shopping lists and even photo frames, the walls provide an additional level of storage in the kitchen. 

In addition with ThistlePro Magnetic the entire family can easily update the ‘notice board’ or remove anything they no longer want to display with ease. 

Magnetic Wall

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Magnetic Wall