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Jade enhances a children's bedroom

Converting a loft into a bedroom creating magnetic walls with ThistlePro Magnetic

When Jade Lewis decided to convert her loft into a bedroom for her son, she wanted to make the room as creative and interactive area as possible; she therefore turned to ThistlePro Magnetic. 

Jade was aware of the innovative product before the build of her loft conversion began and she loved the idea and concept behind it. It helped her create a changeable, interactive space. She had always thought the product was most suited to a child’s bedroom, as it provides a wealth of choice when decorating and is also highly practical. So, she jumped at the chance to install ThistlePro Magnetic in her son, Dylan’s, bedroom. The original idea was to use it so that Dylan could use the magnetic plaster to attach his drawings and work to the wall. 

Jade comments: “Dylan loves sticking bits and pieces to the walls. He currently uses blu-tack and sellotape to attach his work, and when he changes his mind and wants to swap one picture for another, the walls are left with marks. That’s actually where the idea of using magnetic plaster came from – we thought at least that way he can attach whatever he wants to the wall and move it around without damaging the paintwork!” However, it wasn’t until Jade’s mum suggested creating a mural on one of the bedroom walls that the family became aware of the full potential of ThistlePro Magnetic. 

Jade continues: “Dylan absolutely loves Moshi Monsters, so my mum suggested painting a Moshi Monster Island mural on the bedroom wall. We then decided to create Moshi Monster character magnets to bring the mural to life and turn the room into a really engaging and interactive space for Dylan.” ThistlePro Magnetic offers limitless options when it comes to decorating any room in the house and the current design in Dylan’s bedroom goes a long way to prove that. 

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