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Gareth solves noise problems in the home

Using sound solutions to address every day noise problems in the home

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When Gareth and his wife bought a 1920’s semi-detached house in the idyllic town of West Bridgford they knew that the property would need a little care and attention, but it wasn’t until they moved in that they realised noise was a major issue.

In particular the couple noticed that in the master bedroom sound carried through from the house next door, which had an impact on their sleep. Gareth and his wife were subjected to both high and low frequency noises from their neighbours.

Gareth explains: “We moved in during August 2014 and although we were always aware of sound coming from next door, it wasn’t until they had a baby that we realised how thin the walls actually were. Obviously the baby is up during the night and as the noise travelled through the walls we were being kept awake too. This really affected our day-to-day lives.”

Gareth noticed that the plaster in the room was quite old and needed to be updated. It was this that spurred him to look for a sound solution. Having bought the property almost 16 months ago, the couple gradually redecorated and always had the intention of renovating. However, both Gareth and his wife decided it would be best to delay any work until they researched potential solutions to their noise issue.

Gareth continues: “We felt that there was no point painting and wallpapering the bedroom until we came to a decision on how best to address sound problems. We thought it would be better to do everything at once and we also wanted some time to think through our options before redecorating.”

Following the arrival of the next door neighbour’s baby, the couple thought it was time to speed up their renovation plans. They called in an installer to advise on the best sound solution for them. 

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With their own baby due in March 2016, Gareth and his wife also appreciate that the installation of British Gypsum Sound Solutions products will also benefit his neighbours. This is because not only does the installation prevent noise coming into the bedroom, but it also prevents sound from leaving it.

Sound proofing

The couple found the installation extremely easy and quick with minimal disruption to them.  Gareth says: “We couldn’t believe how fast the installer completed the job.  The team arrived at the house at 9am and were done by 4pm that day, so it had minimal impact on us.  With the exception of moving some furniture out of the way we didn’t have to do anything else to prep for the installation.”

With Sound Solutions now in place, Gareth has since noticed that the noise travelling through the bedroom wall has been significantly reduced and is happy with the results.  However, the couple still experience noise which travels through the floor and ceiling and as such would need to consider installing Sound Solutions within these elements to further reduce the noise.

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Our Sound Solutions can help bring harmony back to your home, so you can turn it up loud or enjoy a quiet night’s sleep without compromise.

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