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British Gypsum Homeowner - Gyproc Habito Lifestyle Wall

Gyproc Habito

Enhance your living spaces with Gyproc Habito. It's stronger, more durable and you can fix anything you like wherever you like with a standard wood screw.

About Gyproc Habito plasterboard

Enhance your home and lifestyle by replacing the standard plasterboard in your home with Gyproc Habito on your next home improvement project.

Lifestyle wall

Gyproc Habito is a radically different plasterboard. Gyproc Habito allows you to fix up to 15kg directly to your wall using only a standard wood screw.  It is also extremely durable and damage resistant compared to standard walls. Gyproc Habito is the same sizes as standard plasterboard and is installed in pretty much the same way.

Strong and durable

It’s inevitable that the walls in your home will get knocked, whether it’s the kids playing, furniture being moved or just simple wear and tear. Our Gyproc Habito enhanced walls offer a superior resistance to these everyday bangs and also reassuringly solid.

Easy to fix

The strong surface of our Gyproc Habito enables you to fix shelves, curtain poles and TVs, without the need for drills or specialist fixings. You can simply screw directly into the wall surface, making DIY easy and giving you more freedom to have your home just the way you want it.

The British Gypsum difference

Gyproc Habito is engineered to support the way you live. The secret of its effectiveness lies in its innovative board technology which provides a considerably enhanced performance compared with standard plasterboard.

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As versatile as it is strong, Gyproc Habito plasterboard can be used in all aspects of the home

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