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I have a problem with sound in my home

How to solve problems you have with noise

Step 1: Diagnosing the problem

Understanding where the noise is coming from

British Gypsum Homeowner - Check Noise Levels in Your Homes

For sound breaking through into a room from an adjacent space (like next door or another room in your home), you should undertake a listening exercise to see how the noise is being transmitted. 

The best way of testing sound problems is to play pink noise as loud as you dare and to listen in the adjacent space as shown in the diagram. We have provided you with pink noise below which you can play or download to test the acoustic properties in your room. Alternatively, you can play continuous loud music in one room and then listen in the next room.

It is important to listen to all surfaces in order to establish if noise is being transmitted indirectly (flanking) into your room. Once you have established the surfaces that are transmitting the most sound, you can then plan out your acoustic upgrade. 

It's possible that the noise is coming through both the floor and walls and multiple treatments may be needed.

You can play pink noise below or download it to test the acoustic properties in your room. 

Step 2: Choose the solution

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