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For excellent acoustic performance

For maximising performance when space is not an issue

High Performance Liner

If space allows then this is the most effective lining mechanism is to utilise a lining system which is totally independent from the existing wall. Wall systems can be tailored to suit individual requirements and very high levels of soundproofing can be achieved with this system approach. The frame should be lined with two layers of 15mm Gyproc SoundBloc and 50mm Isover APR should be used in the stud cavity.

Components needed for High Performance Liner

High performance liner
  • Gypframe 'I' Studs
    Gypframe 48 I 50 'I' Studs

    Vertical stud designed to receive fixing of board

  • Gypframe Floor & Ceiling Channel
    Folded Edge Standard Floor & Ceiling Channels

    For retaining Gypframe studs at floor and ceiling junctions

  • Wafer Head Drywall Screws
    British Gypsum Wafer Head Drywall Screws
  • Gyproc SoundBloc
    Gyproc SoundBloc

    Gypsum plasterboard with a higher density noise insulating core and a blue paper face for easy recognition. The higher density core design of this board enables the wall, partition and ceiling systems to provide greater sound insulation performance levels over standard products by reducing the transmission of sound between rooms.

  • Drywall Screws
    British Gypsum Drywall Screws
  • Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200)
    Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200)
  • Gyproc Sealant
    Gyproc Sealant

    Used to seal airpaths for optimum sound insulation

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