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Noise coming through your floors / ceiling?

How to improve the sound installation of your floors

British Gypsum Homeowner - Noise Coming Through Your Floors

If sound is coming through the floor/ceiling then your choices in terms of upgrade will be driven by your ability to access the floor to conduct building work and also related to the source of noise that is disturbing you.

If you are being disturbed by people walking around upstairs then the easiest solution is to treat the walking surface and this could be as simple as laying down a carpet on a high quality underlay. If the upper room has hard wood flooring then always give this a try before conducting disruptive building work. 

If you are being disturbed by noises such as TV, music and conversation then a carpet will not solve your problem and you should consider one of the treatments outlined in this section. The floor can be treated from above or below depending on your access possibilities and how much disruption you are happy with. The solutions presented are for common timber joist floors if your construction is not of this type contact us directly for further guidance.

Easy to install in your home

Silent Floor

Ideal when:

  • You only have access to the ceiling or you cant modify the floor above
  • You do not want to loose any head room in your room
  • Your existing ceiling is in poor repair and needs to be replaced

Adding an additional ceiling

Silent Additional Ceiling

Ideal when:

  • You only have access to the ceiling or you cant modify the floor above
  • You can afford to loose a little bit of height room from your room
  • You do not want the disruption of ripping down the existing ceiling

Enhance your walking surface

Silent Walking Surface

Ideal when:

  • You have access and can modify the floor
  • You do not want to disrupt the ceiling below