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FAQ's about ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster

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About Magnetic plaster

About ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster
Are there any negative health implications associated with ThistlePro Magnetic
No, there are no negative health implications - the product is inert
Can any plasterer install ThistlePro Magnetic
Yes, the product is applied in the same way as normal plaster, just a little thicker at 3mm. Our Installation video can provide guidance if required
Can anyone install ThistlePro Magnetic
We would recommend a plasterer installs this product unless you are competent in plastering
Can I install ThistlePro Magnetic onto an existing wall?
Yes, the plaster can be applied to new or existing walls
Can you hang metal on magnetic wall?
No, the product attracts magnets, it is not a magnet itself
Do you supply installers?

Yes, we have a nationwide network of Certified Plasterers so there is bound to be one near you.

How much can I hang on a magnetic wall?
The amount that can be held will depend on the strength of the magnet (assuming that the plaster has been applied at the minimum 3mm thick). The stronger and better quality the magnet, the more it can support. For further details, please watch our video
If I paint the magnetic wall will it lose its strength?
No. The strength of magnetic plaster means that you can emulsion over it with no loss of magnetic attraction
My magnet sticks but slips down the wall, why is this?
The ability for magnets to stay in place is not only determined by the strength of the magnet, it is also affected by friction. If the magnet is sliding down the wall, there may not be enough friction between it and the wall to hold it in place. Please see our top tips video for ideas on how to overcome this
What is the best way of making a picture frame stick to the wall?
Self-adhesive magnetic tape is the easiest to use
What magnets do you recommend?
We recommend the use of neodymium magnets or magnetic strips
Where can I buy ThistlePro Magnetic?
Please visit the product page to get a list of suppliers
Will the plaster carry an electric charge?
It will not carry charge like metal, it is no different to normal plaster in this respect
Will ThistlePro Magnetic affect Wi-Fi / phone signals?
Magnetic Plaster

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